Pierce's Milestones

First smile: March 1st - 2 days old
Roll over (front to back): July 4th - 18 wks old
Roll over (back to front): July 11th - 19 wks old
First solid food: Prunes, July 26th - 21 wks old
Holding Bottle: 22-23 wks old
First word: "Da Da", Aug 9th - 23 wks old
Second word: "Mama", Sept 10th - 27 wks old
Army-Man Crawl: Sept 13th - 28 wks old
Full-Blown Crawl: Sept 20th - 29 wks old
Pull-up-to-a-stand: Sept 27th - 30 wks old
Eating Cherios: Oct 11th - 32 wks old
No-Hands Balancing: Nov 15th - 37 wks old
Taking Steps: Dec 14th - 41 wks old

Monday, December 1, 2008

Doodlebug is 9 months old!

Our little boy is not so little anymore. Ok, it might be too early to say that but man has he grown. He's crawling, pulling up and balancing with no hands. He is just about to take off running we think. If he continues at the rate he is going, he'll be walking by Christmas for sure.

Here's Pierce at his 9 month picture session at Kiddie Kandids. We think they came out so cute, but we are a little biased.