Pierce's Milestones

First smile: March 1st - 2 days old
Roll over (front to back): July 4th - 18 wks old
Roll over (back to front): July 11th - 19 wks old
First solid food: Prunes, July 26th - 21 wks old
Holding Bottle: 22-23 wks old
First word: "Da Da", Aug 9th - 23 wks old
Second word: "Mama", Sept 10th - 27 wks old
Army-Man Crawl: Sept 13th - 28 wks old
Full-Blown Crawl: Sept 20th - 29 wks old
Pull-up-to-a-stand: Sept 27th - 30 wks old
Eating Cherios: Oct 11th - 32 wks old
No-Hands Balancing: Nov 15th - 37 wks old
Taking Steps: Dec 14th - 41 wks old

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bisabuela Rosa

Pierce took his first road trip this weekend to meet his bisabuela Rosa (great grandmother) in Waco. The trip to Waco went rather well. Pierce slept most of the time and was in a rather good mood when we got there. The trip back was a different story. He had been in the car seat a total of about 4 hours that day as we drove around from place to place and the last 15 minutes of our trip he had had enough. Poor little guy. Once we got home we played, took a bath, read a book and put him to bed. Obviously worn out, he slept for 5 hours straight.

Here Pierce is with Great Grandma Rosa. She definitely had
the touch. Within 20 minutes of being in her arms he passed out.

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